Sunday 14 May 2023

incoming change to task handling in livecd-rootfs in mantic

Hi all,

I've just uploaded a change[1] to livecd-rootfs that changes how the "add_task" function works.

It switches away from using the "Task" headers in the archive's package lists to find the packages (and snaps) that make up a task to reading the information directly from the output of germinate. 

I originally wrote this because I wanted to make an image from a rebuild archive (which don't have Task headers) but it also makes the handling of tasks that much more direct and hopefully a touch less confusing -- for example, changes to seeds will be reflected in image builds without having to wait for an archive publication cycle (it also removes two sequence of six consecutive backslashes from the source, which has to be a win).

Now this _should_ not result in any changes to the contents of images -- I've tested a few builds before landing and it all looks fine -- but to be sure we will hold this new version of livecd-rootfs in proposed until we have done a bunch more test images.