Friday, 8 September 2023

+1 maintenance report

# Plus One Maintenance for Week of Sep 04-08, 2023 #

Here's notes for what I've worked on. Since Monday was a holiday for
me, I also had a shortened week.

The previous +1 maintenance report (by Benjamin Drung) is here:

## sphinx cluster ##

* dolfin: All architectures had hit timeout failure issues on basic
autopkgtest. I retriggered and they passed. I then retriggered with
sphinx-rtd-theme and a few other packages to clear the update excuse.

* fenics-dolfinx: Same as dolfin, and basic retriggers also passed.
Then also retriggered against sphinx-rtd-theme & co. successfully.

* pyfai: Test failure on armhf (only).
- Appears to be a known-issue upstream, with a fix and a new release
that landed in Debian just last week.
- I confirmed the necessary patch is present in 2023.08, and sync'd
the package (it has no Debian delta).

* sphinx-rtd-theme: With the above items resolved, sphinx-rtd-theme
migrated successfully.

## multipath-tools ##

fence-agents had an autopkgtest failure on ppc64el. A simple retrigger
enabled it to pass, allowing multipath-tools to migrate.

## rust-ahash ##

jbicha already reported the FTBFS to Debian, as it also affects them.
I've filed a bug report on our end, LP: #2034621.

## exec-path-from-shell-el ##

FTBFS trying to install deps, I'm gathering its trying to download from
the internet? Debian hits same issue. I suspect we just need to give
Lyx a -userdir. I've filed update-excuse LP: #2034630.

## gpsim-doc ##

FTBFS writing to a non-existant directory. This uses Lyx to build the
docs, which requires write access to $HOME/.lyx, but $HOME is
deliberately set to undefined so this breaks. Same issue affects
Debian. For now I've filed update-excuse LP: #2034631

## Django cluster ##

* senlin-dashboard FTBFS: Doesn't impact Debian (yet) but they haven't
built against the newer Django afaict. Filed LP: #2034629 for

* masakari-dashboard FTBFS: Different errors, but same situation as
senlin-dashboard of failure after minor Debian update that they build
only against the old Django. Mentioned on same bug as above.

## Stats ##

2023-09-05 239 update excuse records found
2023-09-06 214 update excuse records found
2023-09-07 210 update excuse records found
2023-09-08 206 update excuse records found

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