Wednesday 8 November 2023

Re: Requirements to Install 22.04.3 LTS

G'day Prado

As Lubuntu blogged back in 27 July 2018 (#1)

> This means that Lubuntu will stay light, and for users with old systems,
> should still be usable. But we will no longer provide minimum system
> requirements and we will no longer primarily focus on older hardware.

thus no minimum requirements have been supplied for any release later
than Lubuntu 18.04 LTS (ie. the last LXDE release) which is historical

There have been 11 releases of Lubuntu using the modern LXQt desktop;
none of which have come with minimum recommendations for hardware.

The lightest machine I use in QA is `lenovo thinkpad sl510 (c2d-t6570,
2gb, i915)` however that is only minimal testing as most QA is
performed on higher-spec devices; and whilst I still use that machine
on occasion; I use it somewhat differently to my primary/secondary
boxes (which have more RAM).

I'd likely recommend a higher spec'd machine than that for normal user
usage. I consider what's already in RAM before I start [additional]
applications on resource-light hardware, something normal users may
not do, but Lubuntu will run on very low-powered hardware.

Chris Guiver

#1 -

cc. because OP sent a copy there

On 11/7/23, itechnolando <> wrote:
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> Date: seg., 6 de nov. de 2023 às 09:58
> Subject: Requirements to Install 22.04.3 LTS
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> Hi Dear,
> I am looking for requirements to install Lubuntu22.04.3 LTS in Lubuntu's
> website and I can't find it!
> May you send me all requirements like CPU and RAM or some web link to see
> it?
> I Have Youtube Channel and making a video about Linux Lubuntu, it would be
> extremely important to insert in this video!
> regards,
> Prado Gustavo
> iTechnolando President

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