Sunday 10 December 2023

NBS kernel removals: round three

Removing obsolete NBS kernels from trusty as described in June [1] went
without any problems being reported.

I am therefore planning to proceed with the same cleanup now of NBS kernels
from xenial-{updates,security} older than 4.4.0-210.242.

As pointed out when preparing the trusty removals, we want to retain those
kernels that were used in the debian-installer builds for the final point
release of xenial. For debian-installer 20101020ubuntu451.29 in 16.04.7,
this was 4.4.0-186 and 4.15.0-112; for debian-installer 20101020ubuntu451.28
in 16.04.6, this was 4.4.0-142 and 4.15.0-45; both need to be retained
because 16.04.7 was an update only for UEFI architectures (amd64 and arm64).

I am planning to start removing the other NBS kernels from xenial this
coming Friday, December 15.

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