Monday 29 January 2024

+1 maintenance report

For +1 last week I focused on transitions + one other task.

= python3-launchpadlib (LP: #2050186) =
There was a report in IRC with a build log showing a dependency problem.
python-launchpadlib uploaded with an additional dependency declared on

= tinyxml2 =
Through no-change rebuilds this was largely resolved. The packages outstanding
are ros-ros-comm and ros-diagnostics (which depends on ros-ros-comm). There
was a lot of noise during this, such as time spent on kodi which turned out to
be a removal followed by adding it back to the archive the next day, but this
really was mostly just rebuilds once all the buttons were clicked.

== ros-ros-comm (LP: #2051585) ==
ros-ros-comm is complicated by usage of python concepts deprecated in py3.1 and
now finally removed. This is made worse by the current state of py3.12, so
even testing changes here is something of a challenge.

I have a patch going for this, but with the testing challenges I don't yet know
if it is complete. I am leaving the bug assigned to myself.

= hiredis =
Again, largely no-change rebuilds. An interesting detail here is that the
timing of the last round of hiredis builds meant that ppc64el just narrowly
missed getting the new version of hiredis. was
quite help in understanding these architecture differences that appear to just
have been rooted in the timing of the build.

== ntopng (LP: #2051300, LP: #2051302) ==
ntopng needed two bugs fixed:
* Fix FTBFS due to issue in coffeescript
* Fix FTBFS due to use of deprecated sphinx add_stylesheet
Upload done for that.

== ruby-hiredis (LP: #2051580) ==
This needs some help as well, and is not yet complete. Two unit tests are
failing now, test_nil / test_null_multi_bulk, and it's not clear to me why they


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