Friday 23 February 2024

+1 Maintenance report: week starting on 2024-02-19

My goal was to go through the python3-defaults transition and help to
get it done. There was a lot of back and forth between attempt at
fixes, triggers, re-runs,e tc. Here is just a summary. This is a
report, not a diary :)

# distutils deprecation
I started going through the remaining python packages that broke due
to the distutils removal, and there were only two: geopy and
python-sparkpost. Both needed patches that I sent upstream, and

# jupyter-notebook, jupyter-client
I sent an email about this one on monday[1]. It was failing to
build[2] due to an incompatible update to jupyter-client. I tried
several patches from upstream for that, but even upstream kind of gave
up and pinned jupyter-client to a lower version, because
jupyter-notebook just wouldn't work with the changes in jupyter-client
>= 8. We ended up doing the same and reverting that jupyter-client
update back to 7.4.9-2[3], and adding a patch on top to fix a dep8
error it was experiencing in that version.

# libapache2-mod-python
Amongst the python 3.12 removals was "imp", an import module.
libapache2-mod-python was crashing[4] with an import error, and had to
be changed[5] to use importutils. Dominik Viererbe worked on a branch
for this, and we colaborated with upstream in a PR[6] that was
eventually merged. In ubuntu, an early version of the patch was used,
so that still needs to be addressed[7]. Or maybe not, it might come
via debian[8] (I haven't followed those updates)

# liquidsoap
While waiting to see the results of the python3 migration efforts in
excuses, I checked another knot in migrations and arrived at
liquidsoap, creating trouble in the ocaml world.

2.2.3 is an FTBFS[9], which 2.2.4 fixes[10]. I tried an update to
2.2.4, but it has a new ftbfs of its own[11] when built with gstreamer
support, which debian does, and upstream discourages[12].
The patch to move away from Pcre does not apply cleanly on 2.2.3, and
my ocaml-foo is nonexistent.
It looks like the debian maintainer is on top of it, trying with
upstream to get it fixed. I subscribed to the bugs to be notified of
any updates, but if this is fixed in debian in the next few days, we
will get it via a sync.

# gnudatalanguage
Just needed a rebuild[13] due to eccodes having been removed from
proposed to facilitate the python3 migration, and gnudatalanguage had
already been built with that version.

And today, Friday, at about 5pm, python 3.12 migrated \o/


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