Wednesday 7 February 2024 - all-proposed in retries, running page and results pages

Hi all!

We recently made some quality of life changes to, and thought we'd share them with you all.

Up until now, when requesting a test with "all-proposed=1" via the webpage, you could never see on the results or running pages whether a test was requested with or without "all-proposed=1" (for those wondering what this means in practice, it just means that when installing packages on the testbed, *all* of them are installed from the proposed pocket, rather than just the specified triggers).

This is now amended (fixing [1]). We added a new column to the results page, titled "env", in which you can see "all-proposed=1" if the test was requested with this additional param (nothing will be displayed if it wasn't).

You will also now start seeing "all-proposed: 1" on the /running page for tests that were requested with this additional param.

Additionally to this, when retrying a test by clicking the retry button on the results page, "all-proposed=1" is now preserved when retrying.

For those wondering why we titled the column "env" and not "all-proposed", we intend to use this "env" column for additional features in the future.

If you run into any issues regarding this feature or any others, please contact us on IRC in the #ubuntu-quality channel.