Thursday 22 February 2024

"Essential" DEP17 /usr move in progress


as some might know I was about to look into moving the Essential
set from / to /usr (bin, sbin, lib). This is now in full steam
or rather almost done!

Today, I spent the morning identifying packages, then uploading them
to a PPA and testing bootstrapping with debootstrap and mmdebstrap,
as well as upgrading my noble desktop.

I then uploaded all packages except for glibc and base-files.

We are trying to migrate the current -proposed glibc before uploading
the new one such that we have a 2.39 in release pocket. But it fails
with obscure britney messages:

got: 41+0: a-3:a-7:a-1:i-26:p-1:r-1:s-2
* arm64: libdsocksd0, libnss-db, libsocksd0, libsocksd0-dev,
* unscd, zzuf

base-files and glibc need to migrate in the same britney run or
debootstrap breaks; see LP#2054719 for more details:

There's an autopkgtest regression in dash that I'll sort out
tomorrow. Let me know if you see any issues!

I hope this doesn't cause many inconveniences.

I'd like to thank Helmut Grohne for his assistance. Really
most of the patches come from him in the Debian bug tracker,
and he has been helpfully answering questions.

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