Friday 22 March 2024

Julian's archive reports, day 3

So, new day new updates for

- removal-candidates now correctly consider packages with all
binaries in proposed as possible candidates

It also now ignores Recommends, so there are many more candidates
for removal.

- A new script has been added, which produces two

- global-ben.txt contains binaries dropped in a source package
between release and proposed, and their reverse dependencies

- global-ben.rebuild-for.txt contains logs and calls to a
'rebuild-for "<reason>" <package name>' for all reverse
dependencies of packages replaced in the time_t transition.

Note that these report on source packages.

global-ben is named after the broken transition tracker which
is called ben and produces

- Based on the global-ben "rebuild-for" report I have issued rebuilds
for between 500 and 600 packages that were still depending on old
pre-t64 library names.

The scripts are all reasonably standalone - I think instead of just
putting them on proper infra at some point I should package them.
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