Friday 31 May 2024

+1 Maintenance Report

I was on +1 maintenance from 2024-05-30 until 2024-25-31. I looked at
and worked backwards from the oldest to the newest entries.


procdump 2.2-1 fails to build from source on Ubuntu. I can reproduce it
locally with sbuild. So I created [bug
) documenting the failure. The package builds on Debian. Then I checked
upstream but found no relevant bug reports for it. I was able to
reproduce the build failure on an upstream git checkout of 2.2 tag when
using the CFLAGS used on Ubuntu. I bisected the failure and cherry-
picking the two commits after the 2.2 release fixes the failure.

The package builds now on all architectures except armhf: [procdump 2.2-
1ubuntu1 FTBFS on


inotify-tools fails to build on Ubuntu because there is one
missing C++ symbol which is present in Debian. I created [bug
) and marked this symbol as optional since it is a new introduction in
the Debian package. I [forwarded this change to

skorch / pytorch

skorch is waiting for pytorch. [pytorch fails to build with llvm
18]( I
found a fix in the upstream git repository, but this is not enough to
get pytorch building. I am leaving that as excercise for the next person
looking at it.


update_excuse claims that rust-axum-core has no binaries on any arch,
but shows
that librust-axum-core-dev was build on all archs. I asked in #ubuntu-
release for an explanation. As of writing this report, I haven't got an


python-mp-api depends on python3-pymatgen (>= 2022.3.7~) and python3-
emmet-core (>= 0.54.0~), but python3-pymatgen is not in the archive.
This package is build by pymatgen. pymatgen 2024.1.27+dfsg1-7 was
removed from Ubuntu with "Debian #1069219, ftbfs, no rdeps" as reason. I
imported and
requested updating to 2024.5.1 which adds Python 3.12 support.


Imported FTBFS bug from Debian. This package needs xmlf90, but this
package is neither in Debian nor in the NEW queue. But there is
packaging done in


[Imported FTBFS bug from
). rust-stemmers is not in the archive nor in the Debian NEW queue.


[spopt 0.5.0-4 fails to build from
because it build-depends on python3-distutils. This build dependency is
not needed. spopt does not use distutils directly.

After removing the python3-distutils build-dependency, spopt fails to
build because python3-spaghetti is missing. spaghetti was removed from
Ubuntu because it was removed from testing due to

I am leaving it to the Debian Science maintainers to address those

umap-learn / python-pynndescent

umap-learn 0.5.4+dfsg-1 does not migrate, because it depends on python3-
pynndescent but it is not available. python-pynndescent 0.5.8-2 was
removed with following reason: "Debian #1057598, ftbfs, scheduled for
removal in testing, rdep umap-learn"

I am working on python-pynndescent to get it updated (with my Debian
Python Team hat on).

Benjamin Drung
Debian & Ubuntu Developer

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