Wednesday 19 June 2024

+1 maintenance handovear - vtk9 9.3 edition


I was on +1 last week and besides doing what I described in:

1) A better update_excuses.html

2) Analyzing migrations: britney, update_output.txt, chdist, dose-distcheck, apt solver 3

I also tried to fix the issues I found in 2) which all relate to the
vtk9 9.3 transition. Some of that spilt into this week and I'm starting
to think that doing +1 over two weeks at 50% might be a better fit
(maybe with two people in parallel, thus making pairing possible).

The list of packages that I identified as requiring a transition was:
- camitk
- gdcm
- insighttoolkit5
- odin
- opencv
- sight
- therion

# Infrastructure state

On Monday (8 days ago), arm64 machines were not starting up and tests
were timing out (sometimes, 100% of them). I reported the issue which
was already known and later during the day, as the situation improved
greatly, I re-triggered between one and two hundred tests.

I think there are again many testbed failures at the moment (also known).

# gdcm

The gdcm package was one of the first in the dependencies tree.

There were several build errors which I solved and Graham sponsored

The vtk9 puzzle is not completely solved so it's not going to migrate:

Graham also pointed me to an opened debian bug which I replied to and my
patches have been picked up as part of 3.0.24-2:

# insighttoolkit5

This one was luckily easy and merely a no-change rebuild:

# camitk

This one is more problematic. I've solved some issues but VTK 9.2
dropped some API which was indirectly re-exposed in camitk's API. This
makes it difficult to come up with a patch without upstream.

I've reported this:
- upstream:
- launchpad:
- debian:

Since it has no reverse dependencies, I will probably ask to drop it
from the archive if it becomes the last package to hold the transition

# therion

Affected by an issue with tex font generation:

I investigated and authored a patch that, I think, is similar to what
was done for the win32 version of the mktexpk command a few weeks ago in .

I'm not familiar enough with the codebase, or rather I know that
everything tex is a lot of legacy and a very specific world: I'm
unlikely to do something that will fit that.
Therefore I'll show the thing but let upstreams decide what to do. In
the meantime there is an easy work-around which I'll use for therion:
Build-Depends on texlive-fonts-recommended.

For reference, my patch is at:

# odin

Fixed in debian in parallel:

# sight

FTBFS in libxml2 headers. Seems related to -fpermissive.
I haven't created a bug report for that yet.
Build log:

# opencv

Gianfranco Costamagna uploaded a no-change rebuild on yesterday.

There were testbed failures and I re-triggered the tests (and recently
re-triggered one that Gianfranco had already re-triggered, both times
due to testbed failures). Looking good overall.

# Conclusion

There are three packages left to work on:
- camitk
- therion
- sight and/or libxml2

I'll prepare a therion update with the work-around and will monitor
camitk. That leaves sight/libxml2 which should be an interesting topic
with a good reward hopefully.

If that doesn't unblock vtk9 and opencascade, then maybe these two would
be required (but I think I'm reading the transition tracker wrong):


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