Saturday 29 June 2024

+1 maintenance: June 24 - June 28

I focused on the NBS report, where I saw that a new poppler needed
some reverse dependencies rebuilt. And they were not rebuilding.

This is C++, and it takes a while to build, specially if the failing
arch is armhf, which was the case of two packages.

The common root issue was that poppler switched to std=c++20[1]
because they started using std::string::starts_with, and that is only
defined in C++20. So all reverse dependencies that needed a rebuild
also had to switch, and this was the basic fix I applied.

# dia FTBFS

# gdcm FTBFS

# inkscape FTBFS
Partial fix, but it fails to build elsewhere after that. Latest
upstream version is 1.3.2, and ours (and debian's) is 1.2.2, maybe
it's best to update it and see what happens. Debian experimental has

# calligra FTBFS

# openboard FTBFS

# rdma-core FTBFS on armhf
I troubleshooted and Benjamin Drung fixed it in a debian upload which
was then synced.

# gambas3 FTBFS on armhf
After many attempts by different people, Gianfranco fixed it in

On Thursday, I did my usual SRU shift instead of +1 maintenance. I
went over all releasable packages in noble-proposed, and released,
accepted, or dealt with, the following:


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