Thursday 20 June 2024 - User Page


We have a new feature for autopkgtest - in the Release Management team we recently finished working on our new "User Page".

This page can be reached at:<username>/

Or by logging in, and clicking on your username in the navbar.

This page lists all of your currently queued and running tests, as well as all of your test results.

There's a navigation section where you can choose to view only queued, only running, or only previous test results. The previous test results has pagination and you can go back as far as you need :)

A disclaimer - PPA test results aren't supported on this page.

Big thanks to Simon Chopin for requesting this new feature!

We hope you all like it and if you run into any issues, please contact us on #ubuntu-quality on IRC.

Tim Andersson, Paride Legovini, Florent (Skia) Jacquet & Brian Murray

Tim Andersson

Software Engineer (Canonical Ubuntu Release Management)



United Kingdom