Monday, 29 July 2013

Re: Release engineering sprint, July 2013

On Jul 29, 2013, at 12:43 PM, Colin Watson wrote:

>Canonical's Ubuntu release engineering team, plus a couple of hangers-on
>like myself, held a sprint last week in London. It's been a long time
>since many of us have been in the same place, and it was tremendously
>useful. The essence of this kind of infrastructure work is normally
>that the less you notice it the better a job we're doing; but we touched
>on quite a few interesting topics, so here are some notes of what we

Thanks for the report Colin, and much thanks to all involved in the sprint for
helping to make our infrastructure better. I'm sure we all really appreciate
this great work behind the scenes.

>I made a first stab at documenting the proposed-migration workflow

I didn't understand the last sentence here:

"Furthermore, the Ubuntu process has no arbitrary delays and no consideration
of release-critical bugs, so there is very little benefit to users in using
-proposed and such use is strongly discouraged. Packages should normally be
built against -proposed."

Is this a recommendation or statement of fact? IOW, while we shouldn't be
using -proposed, we should build packages (e.g. local test builds) against
-proposed. Or does it mean that the system itself builds packages against


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