Monday, 29 July 2013

Re: Release engineering sprint, July 2013

On Mon, Jul 29, 2013 at 10:37:26AM -0400, Barry Warsaw wrote:
> On Jul 29, 2013, at 12:43 PM, Colin Watson wrote:
> >I made a first stab at documenting the proposed-migration workflow
> >(
> I didn't understand the last sentence here:
> "Furthermore, the Ubuntu process has no arbitrary delays and no consideration
> of release-critical bugs, so there is very little benefit to users in using
> -proposed and such use is strongly discouraged. Packages should normally be
> built against -proposed."
> Is this a recommendation or statement of fact? IOW, while we shouldn't be
> using -proposed, we should build packages (e.g. local test builds) against
> -proposed. Or does it mean that the system itself builds packages against
> -proposed?

It's meant as both. I've rephrased to make that more explicit. How


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