Monday, 28 October 2013

Re: [ubuntu-cloud] Ubuntu cloud image '-root.tar.gz' content changes

On 29 October 2013 07:46, Scott Moser <> wrote:
> Hi all,
> tldr;
> As we look forward to the 14.04 deliverable of cloud images, we're wanting
> to reduce legacy formats and streamline those that we have.
> If you're a consumer of the '-root.tar.gz' file then read on.
> The change suggested here will *only* affect the -root.tar.gz file.
> We make several formats of images available on
> The one relevant to this mail is the '-root.tar.gz'. This is essentially
> a 'tar -cSpzf - /' of the contents of /.
> The changes we've just made to trusty are to remove the kernel and
> bootloader packages before creating the tarfile. Essentially doing a
> 'apt-get --purge remove "linux-*" "grub-*"' before packaging.
> The reasoning for this is
> a.) the images will then be more similar to the ubuntu core tar files at
> b.) the images are primarily used for lxc, where a kernel and bootloader
> are not necessary or used.
> c.) there is a ~25M reduction in the size of the tarball, and a 100M+
> reduction in the size of the extracted root.
> I'm interested in hearing feedback from anyone using these images that
> would be [negatively] affected by the proposed change.

Hi, we use those images (the root.tar.gz) ones for diskimage-builder
in OpenStack. We build both vm and baremetal images from them, and
currently assume that there is a kernel in them (but we do remove grub
from them early on). Overall I think this is probably a good idea, but
we'll need to fixup our code to be a bit more explicit about whether
the output is for a vm or physical machine.


Robert Collins <>
Distinguished Technologist
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