Thursday, 3 October 2013

Re: XMir update for Ubuntu 13.10

Hi Ryein,

For what it's worth, I don't see it as an either or. There is one Ubuntu platform that will support everything from mobile phones, to tablets, to netbooks, to laptops, to work stations, to servers, to clouds, to instances running workloads in those clouds.

Currently, we are playing catch up on phones and tablets, but the goal remains full convergence, full support for all of these from a single code base. In no way is there less of a commitment to desktop users and the integration that you mentioned, we just haven't reached the point where we can really start that integration.

I'm sure we'll have some really good discussions about how to get from here to there at the next UDS, but I hope that sheds some light on the overall goal and the concern you expressed.

Cheers, Rick

On Tue, Oct 1, 2013 at 7:53 PM, Ryein C. Goddard <> wrote:
I think this is what everyone was afraid of when the Ubuntu community
decided mobile was the target platform.  We are already starting to see
the desktop lag behind mobile instead of them being integrated.

Keep up the good work, but maybe you could shed some light on my

On Tue 01 Oct 2013 03:21:33 PM PDT, Oliver Ries wrote:
> Hi Everyone,
> As many of you will know, the Mir team had two core goals for the
> Ubuntu 13.10 cycle:
> 1. Deliver Mir + XMir + Unity 7 on the desktop for those cards that
> supported it, and fall back to X for those that don't.
> 2. Deliver a native Mir + Unity 8 running on Ubuntu Touch images and
> devices.
> Unfortunately, due to some outstanding technical difficulties, we can
> only achieve the latter of these two goals.
> While we are on track to successfully deliver Mir for Ubuntu on
> smartphones, we are unfortunately not going to be able to deliver Mir
> + XMir + Unity 7 as the default experience on the desktop.
> Mir has made tremendous progress and is currently available on the
> Ubuntu archive for use, but there are still some outstanding quality
> issues that we want to resolve before we feel comfortable turning it
> on by default. Many of these issues live in the XMir part of the
> stack, which provides the integration between the X server and the
> underlying Mir system compositor. More specifically, the multi-monitor
> support in XMir is working, but not to the extend we'd like to see it
> for all of our users. The core of Mir is working reliable, but with
> XMir being a key component for our 13.10 goals, we didn't want to
> compromise overall Ubuntu quality by shipping it.
> Mir & XMir are available from the archive as an optional
> configuration, but XMir won't be part of the default configuration.
> I know many of you have been curious about the progress of discussions
> with GPU manufacturers about Mir support, and while those
> conversations are under NDA, I can assure you they are progressing
> forward.
> We have compiled a Q&A which can be found
> at
> If you have any further queries, please feel free to reach out to me
> or my team, and feel free to discuss this in more detail either here
> or on mir-devel (
> best,
> Olli

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