Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Re: Potential Server Seed impact for 14.04: removal of OpenJDK/Tomcat7 from Ubuntu main

Hi James (2014.01.21_20:16:24_+0200)
> What do people think to this plan? Are OpenJDK and Tomcat7 important
> packages for Ubuntu users? Will not having a well supported OpenJDK
> implementation in Ubuntu main discourage people from using Ubuntu to
> host their Java based applications? Or do users still just use the
> Oracle Java downloads instead and ignore what Ubuntu provides?

As much as I'd prefer not to run Java, we (my employer) have a
reasonable amount of it, some of which is user-facing and in Tomcat7.
We migrated from Oracle Java to OpenJDK to make our lives easier (APT
has its uses).

A less supported Java probably wouldn't affect us too much, unless there
were serious security issues that weren't dealt with. It likely wouldn't
cause us to stop using Ubuntu, or to run back to Oracle Java.

Java is a very popular language. And I would consider it surprising if it
wasn't supported in Ubuntu server. gcj isn't really an option for Java
webapps, it's too different to the traditional Java stack.


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