Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Re: Potential Server Seed impact for 14.04: removal of OpenJDK/Tomcat7 from Ubuntu main

On 21 January 2014 19:16, James Page <> wrote:
> Hi Folks
> What do people think to this plan? Are OpenJDK and Tomcat7 important
> packages for Ubuntu users? Will not having a well supported OpenJDK
> implementation in Ubuntu main discourage people from using Ubuntu to
> host their Java based applications? Or do users still just use the
> Oracle Java downloads instead and ignore what Ubuntu provides?

Personally I don't see a reason to not demote OpenJDK if it costs so
much to maintain.

Installing should be quick, and i am sure someone out there will build
a PPA and maintain it. I myself use OracleJDK and pull it from a PPA
which is well maintained.

Kind regards
Robert von Burg <>
dipl. Informatiker in Softwareentwicklung HF / pBac-Eng ODEC
software development
system & network administration

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