Thursday, 16 January 2014

Re: Stopping the line to get back to a promotable state, help needed!

Le 16/01/2014 11:58, Didier Roche a écrit :
> Will continue giving you informations.
> Cheers,

Similar information than the one giving on the ubuntu-phone mailing list
under the title "Landing team 16.01.14".
Ricardo fixed the issue promptly, we reran all AP tests manually to
certify that this fix doesn't introduce more regressions. Now that the
package is in archive, the next image is building.

We are waiting on AP tests results in the infrastructure (so, another
5-6 hours) and we need to dogfood the image on both maguro and mako.
We'll probably be able to promote an image only tomorrow morning
european time surely.

Thanks everyone for your patience,

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