Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Qt 5.2.1 final push

Hi all Qt lovers,

Qt 5.2.1 should be soon ready for landing to Ubuntu 14.04, the target
being March 6th if the FFe is accepted. The previous update two weeks
ago was at

The FFe is open at It has the latest status
updates in more detail. The landing is late because it was wanted it
wouldn't block other Ubuntu work for uncertain amount of time, and
because it was found that Qt 5.2.1 + additional patches upstreamed by
Ubuntu developers is the minimum that can be considered to be free
enough of regressions. Qt 5.2 saw a complete rewrite of the QML script
engine from Google's V8 to Qt's own "V4" among else, so it's not a big
surprise there were hurdles since Ubuntu & Unity 8 are probably one of
the heaviest existing Qt5 users.

The biggest remaining blocker was the lack of functional audio/video
playback and camera. Fixes for both should be landing today. After
that the most important work is doing QA to ensure that there are no
such regressions that could be considered absolute blockers. App store
compatibility initially seems good, but it will need a closer

Thanks to everyone involved in fixing the numerous issues in the stack
and apps, and welcome to join for the remaining testing / bug filing /
bug fixing at

For those able to join the push, upgrade instructions are available at Note!
You will need to use the ppa-purge tool eventually, since it will not
be possible to upgrade from the PPA to the eventual archive versions.

On the desktop, Qt Creator 3.0.1 and the Ubuntu SDK plugin for it are
now available.


ps. just in: audio/video/camera all work! I'll be copying the fixes to
the main PPA after I've ensured upgrades still work smoothly

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