Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Re: Aiming for Qemu 2.0 in 14.04

Hey Serge,

Serge Hallyn [2014-02-26 12:40 -0600]:
> In an attempt to shake out bugs as early as possible, I've started
> building packages based on current git HEAD at ppa:ubuntu-virt/candidate.
> This seems to be testing quite well for me on amd64. It would be
> great if people could start testing the version in this ppa where
> possible, as early as possible.

I gave them some initial testing:

* with the current Ubuntu desktop live image. I lost the mouse cursor
there, filed as

* Setting up a shared directory with -virtfs now crashes, filed as

Once the latter bug is fixed, I can give this a good hard beating with
running some intrusive (such as udisks2 or network-manager) or big
(such as python) autopkgtests in them.


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