Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Patch pilot report: 2014-03-11

I only managed four uploads today. Each item needed a little more depth in some
way, so I ran out of time.

Looked good, but couldn't upload. Emailed DMB, permission obtained, and

Checked with jdstrand who had reviewed this previously. sdeziel was online to
fix the last couple of bits, and uploaded to both Precise and Saucy. I
can't seem to close these two MPs out; can somebody do this for me,

Worked with marcoceppi to adapt to the minimal patch and then uploaded. The UDD
branch is ahead of the current version in Precise, so I had to rebase this
against the real version (rather than the UDD branch) first. I don't expect the
extra changes in the UDD branch to ever be uploaded to Precise, since they
include a new upstream version and nobody to drive an SRU for it now.

Asked Laney about responses to his review on mentors.debian.net, but ran out of
time to dig further.