Friday, 21 March 2014

Re: [Ubuntu-phone] ANN: TRAINCON-0 - CITRAIN all stop starting Friday

Am Donnerstag, den 20.03.2014, 18:58 +0100 schrieb Alexander Sack:
> Hi,
> I am sending this as a proxy for the not-yet existing TRAINCON bot
> that will give you updates about our touch image alert state that come
> with individual landing rules.
> The TRAINCON levels that were discussed at UDS are:
> - TRAINCON-2 - everything green, normal landing rules apply
> - TRAINCON-1 - no promotion for 2 days, restricted landing rules that
> avoids risks and fastpath regression fixes apply
> - TRAINCON-0 - no promotion for 5 days, regression fixes only rules apply
> Since we were not able to promote a touch image since last friday, we
> want to pursue according to the vUDS scheme above and move on to
> TRAINCON-0 state for our touch images. To make that happen, I have
> given the directive to the Landing Team to put the CITrain in "all
> stop" mode first thing Friday morning in Europe. If you have
> questions, concerns or want an exception of this "all stop" approach,
> please contact me (asac) or in case I am not around rickspencer3
> directly.

While we should block on serious issues I think we are in a special
situation with the current one. We had green images for the last few
days, dogfooding results look good as well and all the listed issues are
actually caused by one specific bug in Qt 5.2 (which seems to exist
since 5.1, a version that we skipped).

The bugs was identified and filed upstream as

While we wait for a proper upstream fix the only option to work around
the bug will be to hack up Mir to keep it rendering when the screen is
off which will kill our battery life.

I think we should not paint the world black and white here but accept
that there have to be grey scales sometimes. Even on desktop we release
with (non critical) bugs at times and release note them (in LTSes they
then get fixed in point releases).

I think this is a bug we should treat similar. Instead of killing our
battery life with a hack, accept that it is there and currently
unavoidable to have it, document it properly so users know what to
expect and release one image that passes the tests and dogfooding.

We can then block touch promotions again until it is properly fixed, but
not block landings, so that the desktop team can still make their beta
release. Some issues simply need to be decided on on a case by case base