Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Re: TRAINCON-0 (v2) - IMPORTANT landing guidelines inside

Le 09/04/2014 17:14, Alexander Sack a écrit :
> Hi all,
> (UPFRONT: this mail includes guidelines and rules outlined below are
> only meant to apply for our Ubuntu Touch upstream engineering work
> that goes through the CI Train. So, if you are not working for
> Canonical on the Ubuntu Touch, this is almost certainly just a FYI for
> you. If you are interested in this topic anyway, or would like ideas
> how you can apply extra care when uploading components touch, the LT
> offer stands to answer your questions in #ubuntu-ci-eng... )
> With 14.04 release pending and a bunch of promotion blockers plaguing
> us still, engineering leadership team has agreed that we put our tree
> and landing engine into high alert mode again (e.g. TRAINCON-0). Since
> we don't want to provoke a rush to deliver non-finished stuff,
> TRAINCON-0 (v2) landing rules will be in effect starting yesterday :).
> Note, that we looked at feedback received during our last TRAINCON-0
> (v1) alert a couple weeks back and decided to do something slightly
> different this time. For that we have come up with slightly relaxed
> operational/landing guidelines for TRAINCON-0 (v2). These are:

The landing team is now aware and should be able to help going through
that process. We are pending the announcement of the QA people assigned
doing the testing of 2. and 3. (I think they will be announced in that

CI Train spreadsheet [1] now support that workflow:
* you will notice a new column next to "ready" (on the left before the
last visible one) entitled "QA sign off needed".
-> set it to No (default) if your landing falling into case 1.
-> set it to Yes for landing falling into cases 2. and 3.
Please try to review the current landing in flight and assign them to
the right category before getting your change ready to land. The landing
team is going to help in that transition and assess with you on those
status (especially during the assignement and publication phases). Think
about markin as well in the comment field if your landing is a big or
small feature for you. You are always welcomed to discuss on
#ubuntu-ci-eng on freenode with us.

* Every silo sheet (like in [2]) now contains a "QA sign off" additional
field. This field only has an effect at the global landing status if the
previous column is set to Yes. The QA team will be the one changing that
status once the landing is signed off.

* The global status (ready for publication) will take into account if:
- the lander has done the testing (same field than in the past)
- QA signed off for it; the pending spreadsheet reflects to QA the silos
that are needs and are ready for QA to tests in the global status field.
This only appears once the lander has done first the silo testing.
- if everything goes well, then a "you can publish the package" appears
for the LT to publish the packages to the distribution.

Do not hesitate to ask us if you have any questions/concerns about this
process modification and let's all work together to get a rocking Touch


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