Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Re: [Ubuntu-phone] TRAINCON-0 (v2) - IMPORTANT landing guidelines inside

* Didier Roche <> wrote:
> CI Train spreadsheet [1] now support that workflow:
> * you will notice a new column next to "ready" (on the left
> before the last visible one) entitled "QA sign off needed".
> -> set it to No (default) if your landing falling into case 1.
> -> set it to Yes for landing falling into cases 2. and 3.
> ...
> [1]

Makes sense, mostly. However, QA is going to need write access
in order to sign off on anything.

Also, I've noticed that the read-only status interferes with
being able to read the entire contents of a cell when it scrolls
outside the visible area, but that can be worked around by
downloading the document and viewing locally.

-- Selene

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