Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Moving from static rcN.d/ ordering to insserv in utopic?

Hello all,

I'm currently merging sysvinit with Debian. The current versions of
update-rc.d now entirely dropped support for the old static SysV
rc?.d/SXXservice ordering/numbering and only support insserv, which
computes the "XX"es according to the dependencies specified in the LSB
headers. I tested that on my workstation, some VMs and some scenarios
in a chroot (the latter without booting, of course), and it works
quite nicely.

So in case we want to follow Debian here, we should revert our delta
in insserv to move /usr/bin/insserv to /usr/lib/insserv/ (to avoid
breaking auto-synced packages and wrong paths in update-rc.d), or keep
the changed path, try and get it into Debian, and adjust update-rc.d
accordingly. Also, our update-rc.d delta would entirely disappear.

Does anyone see a reason to not follow Debian here? If so, we'd need
to basically maintain our own update-rc.d; the current one gets broken
more and more as a lot of packages don't specify a default XX priority
any more and rely on insserv, it doesn't have systemd support, etc.
This might also mean that we need to find and fix Debian-imported
packages which don't work with the implied default priority "20".

Please note that this isn't specific to using sysvinit for booting;
upstart and systemd also use the rc?.d/[SK]XX ordering.



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