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Re: and upgrade crashes

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Seth Arnold wrote on 16/05/14 22:07:
> On Fri, May 16, 2014 at 10:38:35AM +0100, Matthew Paul Thomas
> wrote: ...
>> Mozilla has the resources to include this function. Perhaps the
>> LibreOffice team does too. But it's neither reasonable nor
>> elegant to expect every app to do it.
> This is something we could provide to the developers as a simple
> API. onApplicationUpdate: high-level signal or a simple C function
> to install the inotify listener that can signal the application's
> main event loop when appropriate. We probably even already have a
> file in every package that could serve as the inotify sentinal.
> That way, applications that are brittle about having their
> resources updated 'from underneath' can be prepared to do
> something about it.
> ...

A package's debian/control file can contain an XB-Restart-Required
flag. If it does, Software Updater will warn you ahead of time that
installing the update will require restarting the computer.

Software Updater could do the same for applications that require
relaunching. debian/control could contain a flag listing which
binaries need to exit before the package is updated. When the flag was
present, Software Updater would put up the dialog, and if you
confirmed it, send the signal for the app(s) to close.

That way, the dialog would look and behave exactly the same regardless
of which toolkit the app happened to use. And if there was more than
app in that condition, there would be a single dialog listing them,
instead of a separate dialog for each app.

Having said that, neither of the most obvious candidates for
XB-Restart-Required have implemented it, which may not be a good sign
for the efficacy of any future flag.

This topic was previously discussed in 2009 and 2011, to little avail.

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