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Re: and upgrade crashes

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Bjoern Michaelsen wrote on 18/05/14 17:17:
> On Fri, May 16, 2014 at 03:21:36PM +0100, Matthew Paul Thomas
> wrote: ...
>> Frequency is an absolute count. (Perhaps we should call it
>> "Count" instead?)
> thanks for filing the bug. I should have done that myself. My only
> lame excuse for not doing that is, given the other behaviour I saw,
> I wasnt sure if I possibly completely misinterpreted the thing. As
> for relabeling from frequency to count, Id support that, its a lot
> less confusing.


> ...
>> On the contrary, it seems highly unlikely that anyone would
>> write "crash while installing a font" in a bug report if the
>> button they'd actually clicked was labelled "Start Upgrade".
> The scenario I assumed would be more tricky: its not click "start
> Upgrade" -> instant crash, rather click "start Upgrade" -> this
> dooms the running LibreOffice instance, but doesnt crash it
> immediately -> LibreOffice crashes way later on without any obvious
> trigger.

Fair enough. More conclusive then is Brian's finding that many of the
occurrences were on fresh installs.

> ...
> Speaking of Launchpad bugs: I dont know of any way to search in
> for an Launchpad bug. I just checked the the Top
> 20 stacktraces happening on LibreOffice and all but 4 never
> happened on the version currently in trusty-updates. I would love
> to close bugs not happening anymore, esp. if they a/ happened
> regulary/statistically significant in earlier versions b/ have no
> good reproduction scenario.

The table greys out those errors that have not been reported in the
latest package version. Conversely, you can change "all installed
versions" to just the most recent version, to list just those four
errors you're referring to.

Be careful, though: neither of those is definitive if the latest
package version is very new. Maybe a problem still exists, but not
enough people have updated to the latest version, and spent enough
time using it, for anyone to encounter the problem in that version yet.

>> Then the Daisy Pluckers is the team for you.
>> <>
> I have to trust you on that one, the team description isnt too
> enlightening. ;)
> ...

Fixed. :-)

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