Friday, 13 June 2014

Qt 5.3 landing update June 13

Good progress again. Looking at last week's actions: camera works in
addition to video playback, automated autopilot testing is now
functional, bugs for autopilot tests have been filed, store apps seem
quite fine initially, qtbase failing unit tests have been investigated
a bit, packaging and syncs with Debian are mostly done.

Still todo from last week's list: Qt gles emulator packages (I need
some help from Ricardo), framework bump (Pat, lool), bug fixes (see

The landing silo [1] is now nearly ready, with some cleaning that
needs to be done at the time of landing as documented in the CI Train
[2] comments because utopic-proposed already has many Qt 5.3.0
packages from Debian that we will use instead. The emulator (Qt gles)
and Qt Creator plugin packages are still missing.

On the bugs front, we have 22 bugs open [3] out of 52 filed.
Telephony-service has now a fix that should fix the address book
problems. That would leave us is with:
- 1-3 autopilot test failures in UI Toolkit, gallery-app,
calendar-app, calculator-app
- Unity 8 crasher that is possibly an upstream bug in qtbase (first
backtrace just gotten)
- music-app (/qtgrilo) crashes on startup - probably the best would be
to make the anyway needed switch away from qtgrilo
- webbrowser-app is not working optimally since compositing is
disabled in Qt 5.3, but Oxide Qt already has a fix that should be
landing soon

Otherwise the landing - with current knowledge - is in quite good
shape. Only 1 store app is confirmed to have a problem on startup at
the moment, while all others should at least start and render (popey
will rerun this semi-automated test). More testing and bugs are
certainly welcome! Read the instructions page [4] for how to enable Qt
5.3. [5] has more of the todo list explained.


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