Thursday, 12 June 2014

Ubuntu Error Tracker

This week the Ubuntu Error Tracker has switched to using a new cassandra
database. This was primarily due to a lack of space on the previous database
nodes but will also facilitate moving to a more modern version of cassandra.
However, as we are starting over with an empty database if you haven't already
you may notice some issues.

The phased-updater halted the phasing of some Stable Release Updates due to an
increased rate of crashes for the package because there was no historical data
for the rate of crashes of the package. The rate of crashes check has been
disabled temporarily until we have sufficient data in the new cassandra
database. Additionally, there may be some crashes that are currently detected
as regressions when they also in fact affect the previous version of the
package. As we receive more crashes there will be more package versions
associated with the crash and these regressions should no longer be considered
regressions. I also have access to the old version of the database and will be
checking it to see if there is information indicating that a crash is not a

You may also receive problem not found messages from the Error Tracker when
you visit a crash page that you know used to exist. Again as we receive more
crashes the same problem identifiers will appear in the new database. In the
coming months we intend to restore the old data into one cassandra database.

Brian Murray