Tuesday, 10 June 2014

How to Modify the Lubuntu software center?

Dear All,
        We have designed a card-type computer, named pcDuino. We combine Arduino interface with pcDuino board on the hardware, but also run the Lunbuntu system on it, you can refer to www.pcduino.com to see more product information. 
     At present, the user number of pcDuino have exceeded 100,000 person, and the users have designed a lot of software above pcDuino, and most of them combine with the Arduino hardware. 
     We use the software center of Lubuntu, but we find that the software of Lubuntu has many shortcoming, we want to have a page which can be used to describe the hardware, as well as the entire App demo video, besides the Lubuntu software do not have the charge system, we can't repay our developers. 
     So I wish that I could make a modification the Lubuntu software center for the Ubuntu, but I didn't find the presentation about this on the official website. Do you have any good suggestions? Please help me.