Friday, 6 June 2014

Qt 5.3 landing update June 6

Good progress on the bug list.

Browser is working
Upstream fix for javascript issue integrated
Video playback working - QtVideo node object id changed. 

Need to verify camera (Jim)
Automated Testing: run a test pass against the landing silo ppa (Chris G)
Manual testing: running autopilot tests manually and investigating failures (Timo)
Store apps: run the high level test against all store apps and get a baseline (Popey)
Need to re-enable all qtbase unit tests and get them working or whitelisted (Timo)
Finish packaging - some debian sync, new version strings, upload new stuff for rebuild, gles for emulator (Timo)
Need to bump framework at release (Pat, Lool)

Todo list:
Bug list:

Note: several devs are at the Qt contributor summit next week, so the earliest we will land is still week of the 16th