Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Qt 5.3 landing update June 4

A small team is meeting every two days to review status of issues related to updating the touch image to Qt 5.3 and getting it into the Utopic archive.

The open bug list is at [1] Media playback bugs are the main blockers (Pat)
UITK Unit tests to be fixed (Leo)
Silo 5 has the new packages [2] (Timo)
Upstream javascript bug on Split() [3] has been worked around in toolkit and browser, Shorts app has an issue {Zoltan)
QtCreator issue but can stay with 3.1 if need be (Zoltan)
Some packaging changes to be done but can land as is (Timo)
Need this [4] fixed to run automated tests from the PPA (Chris)
QtLocation may need extra attention as it is pre-release and had some changes
No issues in Unity8 at the moment 

We will target Monday June 16 for landing