Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Patch pilot report: 2014-06-03
already reviewed by mitya57, awaiting response. -
duplicate, unsubscribed.
- not comfortable reviewing (libreoffice + translations). I see that
Björn has been specifically requested as a reviewer recently. should upload via Debian, commented. (very long)
skype-translations pre-universe-NEW review. This led to a discussion
with GunnarHj on IRC over a tough packaging issue. Thanks to seb128,
slangasek and infinity we now have a way forward, and thanks to GunnarHj
for persevering with this. and
reviewed, tested and uploaded to trusty-proposed. There was a typo in
the LP bug number that I copied back from Debian without checking. Sorry
stgraber! I guess this needs a reject and re-upload.