Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Re: Qt 5.3 landing update June 16

2014-06-16 17:28 GMT+03:00 Timo Jyrinki <>:
> The landing this week seems doable, let's do our best to fix the
> remaining blockers. Many bugs are being pinpointed to specific root
> problems, but we need to get rid of the remaining blockers.

Update for today below, almost everything fixed and tested. The
earliest time of landing would be later today in the more western
timezones, or tomorrow morning if we get a green light from the people
who are waking up now and testing/fixing things.

> - UITK toolbar empty (SDK team / t1mp)

Fixed by Tim, works now in all apps again.

> - Land new Oxide (chrisccoulson, oSoMon)

Fixed, works great.

> - Qt Creator 3.1.1 Ubuntu plugins (zbenjamin, me)


> - Swipe related UITK issues (SDK team / elopio)

Not Qt 5.3 specific.

> - Music app switch to mediascanner2 (Music app devs)

We've confirmed the mediascanner2 branch of music app works fine with
Qt 5.3 and it can a .click package be uploaded at any point -

> - Qt gles packages needed for emulator (rsalveti, me) -
> packaging/dependency fixes to qtbase-gles - ETA ?

Done, not tested yet.

> - Unity8 crashers (Unity 8 team) - memory corruption in Qt? This is
> the most worrisome blocker at the moment.

Fixed! A nice catch by Albert being upstreamed at

** Remaining/new blockers **

- Gallery app header broken (artmello, t1mp/SDK team): -
header works in all other apps

- Framework 14.10-dev2 to landing-005 PPA (lool)

- Qt base unit tests situation get ack or nack from QA (Chris Cagnon /

- Confirm emulator working with the Qt gles packages (rsalveti)

(- Upload the new music app (popey) - can be done after publishing the
Qt 5.3 landing silo)

The best place with all the relevant links is probably still the
spreadsheet at


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