Thursday, 11 September 2014

Moving to utopic as current target [was: update cadence & backlog management for Ubuntu on Phones]

Oliver Ries [2014-09-11 16:04 -0600]:
> the latter, plus also basing it on the very well working "standing" feature
> freeze exception for "phone" features, which was just recently called out
> of not being needed in U at all (lucky us;)

I don't have authoritative powers for this any more, but it seems to
me that asking for/approving a standing exception for Touch components
which aren't on any other Ubuntu spin (i. e. dialer-app yay, Qt5 nay)
would be adequate and even prudent.

At this point Utopic is "more frozen" than RTM, and due to the delays
our initial reason for having an RTM 14.09 release in the first place
is IMHO not valid any more. I think it would save everyone a lot of
time, coordination, frustation [1], and avoid duplicate testing if we
just bury 14.09 and make Utopic the one and only target for now.

That doesn't invalidate the general idea of RTM of course -- just the
particular 14.09 release.

Is that an option that has any chance of being considered/discussed?

> The default assumption and guideline is that features land in the shared
> code base (main/universe) rather than in a product specific branch(e.g. RTM
> atm), in accordance with the respective rules/timelines for the shared
> Ubuntu code base.

Fully agreed.


[1] Installing RTM, finding a bug, only to find out later that it got
fixed in Ubuntu a week ago but still didn't promote to RTM -- happens
to me all the time, am I the only one?

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