Friday, 12 September 2014

Re: Moving to utopic as current target [was: update cadence & backlog management for Ubuntu on Phones]

On Fri, Sep 12, 2014 at 07:31:36AM +0200, Martin Pitt wrote:
> At this point Utopic is "more frozen" than RTM, and due to the delays
> our initial reason for having an RTM 14.09 release in the first place
> is IMHO not valid any more. I think it would save everyone a lot of
> time, coordination, frustation [1], and avoid duplicate testing if we
> just bury 14.09 and make Utopic the one and only target for now.
> That doesn't invalidate the general idea of RTM of course -- just the
> particular 14.09 release.

(Particularly because I had to create this branch considerably earlier
than I would prefer as a general policy, because it was an entirely new
process and we needed to allow time for it to settle down.)

> Is that an option that has any chance of being considered/discussed?
> [1] Installing RTM, finding a bug, only to find out later that it got
> fixed in Ubuntu a week ago but still didn't promote to RTM -- happens
> to me all the time, am I the only one?

It's worth adding for completeness that the converse has happened too;
for instance I fixed a latent packagekit bug yesterday [1] that was
exposed by an otherwise entirely innocent change in apt [2] and entirely
broke click package installation/removal on the phone, but that didn't
affect the ubuntu-rtm images because the new version of apt (rightly)
hadn't been synced over to ubuntu-rtm.

It is of course a judgement call whether we spend more time on that kind
of thing than we do on fighting with ubuntu-rtm being somewhat behind.


Colin Watson []

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