Monday, 29 September 2014

Patch pilot report: 2014-09-29

73 items at beginning, 51 at the end (but also thanks to at least two
other active pilots). My first pilot shift as MOTU.

Needs community testing:
* [SRU] lsdvd (invalid output for acidrip)
- Readied an upload fro 14.04 LTS and tested the change, but was
unable to get acidrip really functional so asking for community

* lp:~saltmakrell/ubuntu/trusty/kicad/missing-modules missing-modules
- Sponsored into 14.04 LTS queue after testing that the errors are gone.
* Sync pushpin 1.0.0-3 (universe) from Debian unstable (main)
- Bugfixes only, synced.
* Please sync grace 1:5.1.24-2 from Debian unstable main
- Bugfixes and documentation updates only, synced.
* lp:~reversiblean/ubuntu/utopic/ubuntu-restricted-extras/bug-865379
- Fixed a bit and uploaded. Only package description changes.
* lp:~reversiblean/ubuntu/utopic/videoporama/fix-for-1345565
- Uploaded.

(+ already last week
lp:~israeldahl/ubuntu/trusty/lmms/lmms_1.0.0+stable - in
trusty-proposed now and verification done)

+ some misc commenting and cleaning.


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