Saturday, 10 January 2015

Re: ubuntu-devel should be the center of ubuntu development

Hey Jorge,

Jorge O. Castro [2015-01-10 1:58 -0500]:
> Someone on google plus pointed out this great page on how users can
> best apply upstart concepts to systemd:
> -
> Thanks to the people who put this page together, it's been really
> helpful for me to figure out what I need to know for the transition.
> I'd like to bring this announcement up as an example of where I think
> we could do a better job communicating to users.

For clarification, I didn't intend that post to be "the" announcement;
it was mostly my usual rambling about my day to day activities, but
the official sprint announcement was for sure meant to go to
u-devel-announce@. We just haven't figured out all the details yet; e. g.
Steve is talking to the server/Juju teams for participation, we
should agree to an IRC channel/pad etc.

Please expect an announcement on Monday or Tuesday at the latest.

> Having falling victim to "it's so easy to just post on G+" syndrome
> just like everyone else, I think we should fix this.
> [...]
> There was a point in time when ubuntu-devel was too granular; I just
> want to kick of a discussion if the pendulum has swung too far to the
> other side. Thoughts?

Fully agreed. I like G+ for staying in touch, but I consider it a
"lossy" medium like IRC. People may read it or not, and it's not the
right tool for official announcements -- ubuntu-devel-announce@ is
just for that.

Thanks for bringing it up, and sorry for the misunderstanding!


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