Friday, 9 January 2015

ubuntu-devel should be the center of ubuntu development

Hey everyone, happy new year!

Someone on google plus pointed out this great page on how users can
best apply upstart concepts to systemd:


Thanks to the people who put this page together, it's been really
helpful for me to figure out what I need to know for the transition.

I'd like to bring this announcement up as an example of where I think
we could do a better job communicating to users. I consider myself
kind of "plugged in" to what's happening in Ubuntu, and yet this page
was kind of a (sweet) surprise to me.

I've been guilty of this a million times; in my little area of
responsibility I have a milestone and I talk to people about it on the
appropriate lists, but that doesn't mean it reaches the general Ubuntu
audience. In the old days it was something like "No worries, we'll
have a drink at UDS and sort it" and then you'd be in tune to what
foundations, kubuntu, kernel, mobile desktop, or whatever team you
were talking to and then my task was easy; I just relayed the

We're a few years into virtual-UDSes now and I feel like we're not
communicating as well as we used to, which is why I want to bring this
up now. I find myself posting everyday-ish status reports to google
plus (or whatever your social network of choice is), and basically
calling it a day. If you follow the right people you get awesome
videos of Unity 8 with windowing support, click packages doing awesome
stuff, snappy packages doing the same sort of thing ... and so on.

Most of this stuff doesn't make it to the developer mailing lists or
most official Ubuntu properties, and I think that sucks.

Having falling victim to "it's so easy to just post on G+" syndrome
just like everyone else, I think we should fix this. Developers are
obviously not going to "just update your blog", should we look at some
sort of way of integrating social network posts into other Ubuntu

There was a point in time when ubuntu-devel was too granular; I just
want to kick of a discussion if the pendulum has swung too far to the
other side. Thoughts?

Jorge Castro
Canonical Ltd. - Automate your Cloud Infrastructure

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