Friday, 30 January 2015

today patch pilot summary


I did a round of patch piloting today, started with a queue with 77
items and got down to 60

Notes of what I did

asked details about the change and why is needed (also to upstream it)

asked for extra informations on how much testing that experimental
version got (it's a different project replacing the one used in the
current version)
asked for the SRU informations to be added to the bug
getting out of the sponsoring queue, it has been uploaded
setting as "work in progress", more work is needed before having it
ready for upload
was uploaded, setting as merged
rebased the change on the current sru and sponsored
sponsoring to trusty and utopic
rejected, that should be worked upstream
asked for some extra informations and for the change to be upstreamed
commented asking to fix the issue is the current serie before SRUing
was sponsored, unsubscribing sponsors

Sebastien Bacher

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