Sunday, 1 February 2015

Update gvfs to 1.20.3

In both Ubuntu 14.04, gvfs is at 1.20.1 and (being one of the upstream
maintainers), it makes me sad to use it because I've released newer
stable versions with some useful fixes, particularly related to afp and
ftp idle timeouts.

Could it perhaps be updated to the latest stable version? (currently

Some of the more useful changes between 1.20.1 and 1.20.3:
1c396d8e6cdddfd08df73fd52029c851906c5e45 archive: Retry operations that return ARCHIVE_RETRY
70b569dd406727d8bd1444db8050b8d5086d0a09 afp: Fix some memory leaks
94c2ec2d19e4069172e755e8171043a0d313f2b7 daemon: Fix a memory leak
7b1d51379bd1b28de9426aebc0832bc959760cf6 ftp: Only free connection if non-NULL
8c58ceb7d5f07fd007e21dae1557f35be92a56b6 ftp: Also mark connection as unusable on G_IO_IN
562906889bde44f4ef9e7a34343f7c9339941ecb ftp: Check connection is usable when acquiring
826d6c3a44a6603eacee95cefc60bf24045e2f65 afp: Don't retry read if connection closes
cf5e9921e1f541ac776846c896f55a8e19418fc9 afp: Try to prevent idle disconnects
ee7c6013110545d9f1bd5533e7c1090783de4425 afp: Fix race between writing and reading
2597c5bfa91b52921550142db6c58636ebc4f627 ftp: Only send permission bits for SITE CHMOD
bd294bc166c9b22b46fa97ab564bed50e4ad3365 gphoto: Set mtime when pulling
cae6ad9ec57cd1eaa731549314bd633fa2241891 afc: Work-around mounts not disappearing when disconnecting device
9e0ba36765ab9c0a5f12a56d40e3d015362a73ab afc: Add version detection for iOS 6, 7 and 8
a9361d34e54bbb8eb9ec703688ad427029c3a118 recent: Plug a few memory leaks
610f7a72c545d979143697352c8010b3e44cb4c1 dav: Unref each GFileInfo after being added
58a78a454a9c0c2aa129a8d6c3bd45b3d54991ef archive: Ignore filenames consisting of a single "."
1a43c46737a11ed985549528ef7b342fdc6b35e5 afc: Check for iOS >= 3.1.2 to enable house arrest
9cadf28df7d2476a155ed79a37de73587cb65c69 fuse: Set permissions from UNIX mode when available

Ross Lagerwall

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