Thursday, 23 July 2015

Re: Python 3.5 transition

Le 15/07/2015 17:49, Barry Warsaw a écrit :
> I plan to upload later today a new python3-defaults to wily which will enable
> Python 3.5 as a supported Python 3 version. I'll work on the necessary
> rebuilds, including depend-loop breaks and the fixes I know about. Please
> help by keeping an eye on Python 3 packages you care about, and fix what you
> can!

Hey Barry, Steve (Cc-ing you since it seems that Barry is away and that
you started that transition),

It seems that the new python3-defaults has been uploaded/is in
wily-proposed and created some build issues (ubuntu-make for example
failed because dh_python was trying to build for python 3.5 e.g
python-gi is not built for that version).

Some of us asked on #ubuntu-devel earlier in the week if that meant the
transition actually started and what should be the next steps then. We
didn't really get a reply but seems like Steve started uploading
rebuilds since.

Steve, could you give us maybe an update on the current status and if
help is needed? Are your uploads based on the work prepared in the ppa.
How do we make sure to no duplicate work? Is there a transition tracker
up for to track the work?

Sebastien Bacher

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