Thursday, 16 July 2015

Re: rsyslog 8.9.0 merge an liblogging-stdlog

On 16 July 2015 at 13:59, Louis Bouchard <> wrote:
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> Hello,
> While merging rsyslog 8.9.0-3 from debian, I have encountered an issue with
> the liblogging-stdlog sister library (developped by the same people) that
> happens to be in Universe.
> I can either disable its use and skip the few tests that rely on it so the
> package works fine since it is minimally used in the runtime rsyslog for the
> time being.

enabling autopkgtest makes sense for it, as that is not constrained by
main/universe splits.

> But I suspect that the team may increase its usage in the future so it might
> be wiser to request its inclusion in Main so future releases will not be
> blocked by the absence of the library. This is particularly important with
> the upcoming LTS.

why wouldn't one use systemd-journald native API directly with a
catalogue of messages which would be translatable as well?
Are you envisioning to ever support non-ubuntu-main configurations, or
for example all-typical linux distros?

The problem with liblogging-stdlog is that whilst nice, it's new. Thus
one will end up with just syslog fallback path, or already has it
anyway thus journald is just a new code path.

.... there is even more simple way =) just use syslog() as journald
slurps that up by default ;-)

> Debian already builds with liblogging-stdlog so it would also minimize our delta
> .
> So I would appreciate suggestions and comments on the matter.
> Aside from that, the rest of rsyslog is ready for the merge.

I would not pre-emptively promote things into main, as it would be
cleaned up and demoted straight away essentially. Whilst forward
looking, it starts to incur maintenance cost before being at all

> TIA,
> Kind regards,
> ...Louis
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