Thursday, 1 October 2015

Re: I want to learn source code of Ubuntu

Hello, Subhamoy.
What main question is what do you mean under "Ubuntu"? And, for example what is the difference for you between Ubuntu and Debian.
If you want to get knowledge about Linux kernel and it's not about Ubuntu itself. It's a shared item between all Linux distributions.
If you want to develop a software for Ubuntu, IMHO the main way is to develop for Debian and promote it to Ubuntu:
Please also keep in mind you can help Linux even without software coding (examples:
It totally depends on how exactly you wanna help.

чт, 1 окт. 2015 г. в 11:15, Subhamoy Roy <>:
Dear Sir,
I learn C,data structure and algorithms on C,operating system concepts but I want to learn more.I want to learn the source code of Ubuntu along with its kernel step by step.Please suggest me books,video tutorials,website links step by step guide through which I can master all these stuffs.Now I am a novice,but some day I want to become a Ubuntu developer and want to contribute to Ubuntu like you.
Thank you in advance,
Subhamoy Roy.
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