Thursday, 1 October 2015

Re: server/cloud: please try systemd-networkd -- if-up.d/ integration reverted

Hello all,

Martin Pitt [2015-09-10 7:37 +0200]:
> networkd by itself has worked for a long time, but with 225-1ubuntu4
> (which just hit wily) it is now reasonably well integrated into the
> distro:
> - Bringing interfaces up/down now runs the
> /etc/network/if-{up,post-down}.d/ hooks (like NetworkManager, and
> of course ifupdown itself)

This had to be reverted in the latest wily version (225-1ubuntu5), as
it broke too much stuff, i. e. hooks which don't work with, or even
break networkd. See for details.

> - This now works together with resolvconf, i. e. "nameserver"
> information is pushed into /run/resolvconf/resolv.conf. networkd is
> meant to work with systemd-resolved, which does a similar dynamic
> resolv.conf management, but without all the shell scriptery; and it
> is also a mini DNS server cache. But now you can use either, which
> decouples transitions.

networkd still works together with resolvconf with the latest version.

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