Monday, 23 November 2015

Patch pilot report: 2015-11-23


here's what I got done earlier today:

FFmpeg security fixes November 2015 (
- stable release includes security and bug fixes, subscribed release team.

- looks like a missing commit, pinged Aron as he uploaded the first part.

syncpackage -b 1518756 -s noskcaj subtitlecomposer -f
- synced.

PolkitAgentSession incorrectly handles multiline output (as observed
with pam_vas) (
Merge 3.18.2 from debian (
- uploaded.
- Rejected, already merged and Kernel team does not use bzr+LP.

- pinged Desktop team to take a look.

- rejected, looked out of date

Please merge collectd 5.5.0-3 (universe) from Debian testing (main)
- should be synced once -4 lands in Debian, unsubscribing sponsors
until then.

unable to properly install backuppc on wily 15.10 (
- patch can't be applied right now.

Have a great day,

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