Friday, 20 November 2015

Ubuntu Error Tracker retraces

I recently discovered that the Ubuntu Error Tracker,, was creating uninformative retraces[1] or
failing to retrace some crashes that shouldn't. While the problem has
been resolved, by an update of apport and using a backport of the Xenial
version of gdb, it's likely there are problem buckets in the Error
Tracker that could use retracing again. While I'm working on a way to
programatically identify these situations, this is also a process I can
manually force so if you run into a problem bucket[2] that you think we
should try retracing again please let me know.

[1] An example of a successful retrace that's uninformative
[2] These should only be from Wily or Xenial since we previously used a
Vivid version of gdb.

Brian Murray