Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Re: ANN: autopkgtests are now specific for "triggering" package for better isolation

On Nov 11, 2015 12:17 AM, "Martin Pitt" <> wrote:
> I actually already did that earlier, and using 100 vs. 800 for
> "release a=xenial-proposed" makes no noticeable difference.

Have you tried it with 1100? IIRC there's some magic that happens when set above 1000, but I'd have to read the man page again to remember.

> autopkgtest's test case for this where the -proposed version of a
> package has a versioned depends on a lib that can only be satisfied in
> -proposed fails with either, and conversely the real-life tests that
> are running seem to work well enough with 100.
> I'm fine to bump it to 800 as that seems to work equally well, though;
> done in [1].
> Note that several tests failed with "test dependencies are
> unsatisfiable" over night. The reason for that was that autopkgtest
> had an insufficient fallback to no apt pinning (now fixed in [2]), and
> that we currently dist-upgrade the testbed to the entirety of
> -proposed before we start installing test dependencies and running

Well that sounds like it defeats the whole point of the pinning, doesn't it? I thought the goal was to not install all of -proposed.